All India Helpline No-+91 9699709709.


Our Car Transportation Process is outlined below:

Loading Car Transportation :
  • Once the car reaches the loading point, one driver from the staff team loads the car onto the car carrier vehicle. Our car carrier trucks come with hydraulic ramps which move downwards as well as upwards. During loading, the hydraulic ramp is directed downwards and the car is loaded onto the car carrier vehicle. Once the car is loaded, we engage the hand-brakes of car and lock the tyres with the car carrier vehicle body using special locks designed for same. Then, we use ropes to tie the car chassis to car carrier vehicle body. This is done to avoid any unwanted movement of car inside the car carrier vehicle body during transportation / transit. Now, the hydraulic ramp is directed upwards and locked.

Car Movement :

  • Once the car carrier vehicle is loaded with cars, they depart from the loading point for the journey / transit. The drivers are specifically trained and are obliged to follow all traffic rules during the transit. They take extra precautions while driving on bad roads.


Door Pick up Service :

  • We have trained our staff to pick-up your valuable car from your house. Note: You can also drop your car to our loading point if you like to do so. We need to pick up your car from you house because big car carrier vehicles are not allowed inside cities. All cities have No Entry for big car carrier vehicles. Hence, we provide Door Pick-Up Car Transportation Services in Pune and all other cities across India.



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